I have made things with fabric for as long as I can remember. Starting with tiny hand sewn clothes for my tiny dolls, then clothes for me, things for the house and all sorts of projects when the kids were little. It’s not surprising really, my mum is an avid quilter and clothes maker and my grandma was a dressmaker by trade.

When I was a student I went to upholstery night classes, getting furniture from skips and transforming them with fabric from the market. I always thought I would like to earn a living doing something similar but in the end stuck to the safe option and went into IT.

As I got older and the kids became less dependent, I decided I would try and follow my dream. I trained at Kendal Upholstery and started upholstering things for family and friends. I got more and more jobs through word of mouth so decided to make a proper go of it.

One of the things I love about doing this is that every project is different and there often unforeseen challenges along the way. I’ve upholstered all-sorts; from camping chairs to camper vans, Victorian chesterfields to some bespoke fixed seating in a restaurant. I never tire of that feeling of saving something from being thrown out and restoring it to something fantastic.